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The areas of specialization of life coaching I offer include Addiction Recovery Coaching, General Life Coaching, Career Coaching, ADHD (ADD/ADHD) Coaching, Resilience and Mental Toughness Coaching,  Health Coaching and Motivational Coaching.


I provide addiction recovery coaching to those who have not been able to find recovery through traditional 12-Step meetings, or who have not found success in outpatient or residential treatment. Many of my addiction recovery clients are younger, under 25, who have tried many programs, of all types and haven’t found a formula for success.
Most young people can’t comprehend the “powerless” concept offered in 12-Step rooms, or they feel that they are being forced to “believe in God”, or they simply cannot relate to the other members of the rooms. Telling a nineteen-year-old he or she can never drink again, for the rest of their lives, is another barrier to acceptance.
My addiction recovery method is to find what are acceptable concepts for recovery. I don’t demand they agree to label themselves an alcoholic or an addict, I don’t tell them they can never use or drink again, I just ask them to stop for an agreed upon period of time, so we can the best way for them to reach their individual recovery goals. The development of these recovery goals is co-created, which leads to greater adherence to the process.
Exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral coaching, yoga, meditation, positive psychology, and the law of attraction are often components chosen by my clients as tools of their recovery plan. Work, education, appropriate social interactions and family participation are included in this process.
Holistic Addiction Recovery Coaching has proven to be an effective method for the treatment resistant addiction client. 

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Clients often seek Life Coaching when they are seeking direction and fulfilment in life. They instinctively know they are not where they want to be and are not able to figure it out themselves. I work with clients to discover the issues or behaviors that are impeding their goals, or goal development. I use various personality typing techniques to help create an action plan that fits the individual client. Understanding the "Bio-Individuality" of each client is paramount to determining the specific methods used. There is not one particular method that will be effective for every client. 

Once the goals and strategies are in place, we work on follow through and continue motivation. Often a client is excited to begin a new program of change but often falls into old patterns of self defeating behavior, that allows the brain to introduce a negative inner dialogue that has developed over the years. Helping clients recognize these negative thinking patterns and implement techniques to "install"  a new, positive inner dialogue, will allow the inner dialogue to become the default way of thinking. 

Neuro Linguistic Programing, Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, The Law of Attraction, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Exercise, Nutrition, Binaural Beats, Positive Psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique, and The Mental Bank program are some of the tools used in helping clients get to where they want to be.  

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ADHD/ADD Coaching is an area of expertise that is derived from personal experience. Through my adolescence and young adulthood, my ADD was a major barrier to success. I was told, and believed, that I was lazy and unmotivated. Since I accepted the label, that became my reality. No matter how hard I tried to focus and learn using the traditional methods, I just couldn’t concentrate. When I was in middle school I my parents took me to a psychologist to help figure out why my grades in school didn’t match my IQ. Since, ADHD/ADD had not been classified as a condition, I was diagnosed with Dyslexia. I was open to the concept, but quickly knew it was the wrong diagnosis after reading the diagnostic criteria, but it was the new and trending condition used to explain any out of the perceived normal learning abilities of children.   


Dr. Daniel Amen is a well-known psychiatrist that uses brain scans as a tool in diagnosing brain/mental issues. Dr. Amen breaks ADHD/ADD into 7 different categories, each having a unique approaching to mastering the ADD/ADHD Brain. I am a Certified Brain Health Coach, through The Amen University. Brain Health Coaching was developed by Dr. Amen because he saw the need and ineffective treatment models offered.


I work with the client’s current Doctor to develop the best coaching techniques for the client and ADD/ADHD type. I also work with a few psychiatrist and doctors that specializes in the medication of ADHD, if that is a path the client wants to consider. There are also many natural supplements and techniques that can help clients develop a non-medication approach to help.


I believe my ADD brain is a great gift, but it took me years to understand how to use it properly. Most ADD clients are exceptionally smart but have never figured out how to use the Super Brain they were born with. Often clients have used pot or other drugs to self-medicate their ADD Brain, this appears to be effective at first, but brings an entirely different set of problems as time goes on. I have successfully helped many clients discover how successfully use their brain, often with incredible results.

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