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Life coaching is a process that can benefit many people dealing with a variety of issues. Life coaching is not traditional “therapy”. Our mission is to help our clients identify and achieve life goals.

We work on breaking repetitive cycles that have prevented goal attainment in the past. Once we identify the goals, as well as the perceived barriers, we develop action plans to success. The techniques used include Positive Psychology, Solution Focused Therapy, concepts of The Law of Attraction, holistic nutritional techniques, specific exercise protocols and many other resources.  We use active listening techniques that help in the development of individual action plans for success.

Life Coaching is a broad term that can be broken down into more precise categories, including Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Addiction Recovery Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Health Coaching and Family Coaching. There are many other areas that are included under the coaching umbrella. Life Coaches generally specialize in specific areas of expertise. If the area you seek coaching in is not one of our areas of expertise, we will refer you to someone who is a better match. There are also situations that require traditional psychiatric or psychological interventions. If this is the case, we work with some of the best professionals in the country.

Life Coaching offers more latitude than traditional therapy in some ways. Imagine a traditional therapist taking you to the gym and putting you through an intense workout, then sitting down for a session. We have called the IRS on behalf of our clients, as well as negotiated credit card debt. We have helped develop resumes and done mock job interviews. Recently I went with a young man and helped him enroll in college. We become active participants in your action plan for success.

We work with clients who have out-of-control debt, spending habits, IRS liens, weight issues, depression, anxiety, addiction and many other situations. We don’t sit in an office and tell you what to do, we actively work on the solutions we jointly develop with you. You are included in the process at all times, we become a team to help you achieve your goals.

Life Coaching clients report a high rate of satisfaction with the process. For a free phone evaluation and to see if our program may benefit you , please call 804-335-4343 and speak to Joel.