We Are Teaching Our Kids Fear & Limiting Beliefs

Redundant thinking patterns and negative inner dialog often determine the outcome before events take place. While this is not news to me, I am shocked by the amount of fear limiting beliefs that have been passed on to our children. So many kids really believe the limitations their parents have placed on them. While certainly not intentional, this may be one of the most abusive things done to kids today. How many children born into poverty stay in poverty? I don’t have an exact number, but it seems to be many. Kids take their cues more from what we do, than from what we say. When you tell a child “you can do anything” but later follow up with reasons on why things won’t work for them because of race, creed, education, criminal background, appearance or a million other “reasons” for failure, you are delivering the message that they have limitations that really don’t exist. The truth is, it is easier to make excuses for failure than to make the changes in our redundant thinking process. The role of victim is a learned role. A fear based existence is very limiting.

When I was a child, my Mom took me to the Strawberry Festival in our little hometown. I wanted to ride some of the carnival rides, but she told me “no, they are dangerous”. Every year we went to the Festival, I would ride the bumper cars, the merry go round, go through the house of mirrors, eat some junk food and go home. I never rode the “dangerous” rides. Years later, in my teens, I was at Disney World with several friends. I was very worried about my image and started getting nervous when they wanted to ride Space Mountain. I didn’t want to say I was afraid, but I knew it was “dangerous”. While we were walking around I thought to myself “hundreds of thousands of people ride this ride a year, and no one has died”. I decided that I would ride Space Mountain and hope I survived, and shockingly, I did. I loved it! It was incredible and I rode it several more times. In fact, I rode all of the “dangerous” rides many times that day. I learned that I truly love to ride roller coasters of all types (I still hate the spinning tea cups because I threw up once). Are any of your fears keeping you from having an incredible life? My Mom did not ever intend to limit me, but she did. Don’t force your fears on your kids (or anyone else for that matter).

The challenge for the week: STOP teaching your kids your fears and self perceived limitations. We start this process by removing our own fears and confronting our own negative inner dialog. Once identified, we can stop passing our fears on to our kids.  Who knows, you may even lose a fear that has limited you for a long time.

You are far more powerful than you could ever imagine, tap into that power and change your life today!