A Call to Action: How The Law of Attraction Works

Understanding how the Law of Attraction works is the greatest gift I have discovered in my life because it changed everything. I often say that how we choose to look at things and what we focus on determines our reality, whether good or bad. A person does not have to believe in the LOA for it to work, it just does. Gravity doesn’t need you to believe in it – it just works.

The LOA is not as simple as wishing you have a million dollars that will magically appear. In fact, wanting or craving money can create a lack of money. Since we often are desiring money to fill our perceived lack of money, we end up unintentionally focusing on the perceived lack, which brings more lack to us! Like attracts like. It’s not that the LOA isn’t working, you just haven’t understood how to use it.

We must first change our attitude about what we want and how to bring it about. We can’t attract what we deep down don’t believe. If you want to make a million dollars a year, but have never made more than fifty thousand dollars in a year, you probably don’t believe deep down that you can earn that much. Once you really believe what you are telling yourself, then you will invite it into you life.

The next issue is that you must be willing to do what is required to make it happen. You can’t expect to defeat you financial problems by sitting on the couch and waiting for money to appear. You MUST take action! Being lazy simply yields the deserved results.

Looking for opportunities in what appears to be problems is a great way to start. I know of a young man that was an assistant college football coach for a small school in the Northeast who lost his job after the head coach was fired. He was devastated and was riding out his small unemployment check, worried about his lack of a job. He met with a counselor friend of mine that uses the LOA concept with her patients. After some brainstorming, the coach had an idea to go to a local gym and offer to run a summer football camp for middle and high school players. He printed his flyers and asked local coaches and others to spread the word. The first camp of the summer had ten campers who paid $250 each for the ten-day camp – not too bad. Word got out before the second camp and he had 25 campers! That was five years ago and he now runs a program that has various training programs for young athletes, has 25 employees, and is making ten times what he did as a coach. He lost his job but turned it into an opportunity that became a positive and life changing event.

What we are attempting to bring about in our lives cannot violate the laws of the universe. I cannot become an NBA player because I am not built for that, so instead of getting stuck on what I can’t do, my focus should be on what gifts I do have. I have skills in counseling and public speaking. I can deadlift or bench press more than any NBA player I am aware of. I have ADHD, so I do not need to focus on careers that would be hindered by that condition. I have instead found a career for which my ADHD is very useful. We need to focus on our strengths and not our perceived weaknesses.

Finally, learning how to use the LOA to your advantage is possibly the greatest tool you will have in living a happy, fulfilling life. When you realize that we are not random victims of the universe and that our attitude changes our reality, you have a gift that has incredible power. Learning to use that power is the challenge.

Is Cody disabled or a champion? It is simply perspective! (Cody KNOWS he’s a Champion!)