Law of Attraction Put To the Test!

For those who know me personally, you know the background of my son, and for those who do not know us, he has certain issues that he struggles with. Special needs children who receive services for their needs have what is called an IEP, or an Individual Education Plan. This plan requires schools to follow certain guidelines set by the Federal Government in providing services to children with special needs. As you can imagine, advocating for your child is difficult at times. My son has had a difficult time in high school, which began last year. We had 7 meetings last year where I expressed concern each time that his current placement was not meeting his needs. Each time we would meet, I was assured changes would be made to accommodate those needs, only to have a series of events happen that suggested his placement was not appropriate. This year started off very rough, only to have a major event occur. This event happened after a clear and direct warning that such an event was likely. The event lead to him being suspended for 20 days.

After being informed of the suspension, I was absolutely furious that the school had once again set him up to fail. I began a mindset based on revenge and punishment. I began gathering facts, listing witnesses, and interviewing attorneys. I made sure the school knew I was in that mindset. I even found an attorney that had a successful case similar to ours against our district. I began to line up a group of experts to combat the school, and the more I did, the more the school refused to speak with me. They began to form a defensive mindset, which put me in a more aggressive mindset. I was now mad enough that I seemed to have forgotten the point of all this. The meeting to discuss all of this was scheduled and I was preparing for an all out attack. I was determined to not only get what I demanded, but I was going to force them to admit they had screwed up.

A few nights before the “showdown” I realized that other areas of my life were not going well. I was not in a good mindset and the negativity was seeping into my world. The moment I realized this, I figured out where the negativity was coming from. I forced myself to re-evaluate our situation. The teachers and counselors at the school are not bad people and they are not trying to harm my son, in fact, I do believe they care about him, but they just are not equipped to provide the structure he needs. There is one administrator that has always gotten on my nerves, and I decided I needed to change my perspective of her. I know she has many years of service and has helped many children. I said a prayer for each person that would be at the meeting and changed my perspective of their motives.

Today was the meeting. My friend and co-blogger Martha Ann attended the meeting to support me. I listened the first portion of the meeting. Everyone clearly agreed that the suspension needed to be lifted since it was a direct manifestation of his disability. The second part of the meeting began with me stating that I had one mission: my son’s well being and best interest. I explained that I do not plan on suing them and I didn’t want to place blame. I simply wanted help with finding an alternative placement. The teacher that was leading the meeting was working hard to tell me why my son did not need a change of placement, and I worked hard at not getting angry (I worked hard, but I still raised my voice a bit, but quickly simmered down and apologized). While remaining positive, I would not relent from my stance that he needed a new placement. His resource teacher spoke up and sided with me, and then the most shocking turn of events happened; the administrator that got on my nerves in every other meeting spoke up and agreed he needed another placement. After these two team members expressed their view, the rest of the team jumped on board. My son will start his new school on Monday. I am not suggesting this will fix everything, but it will allow for a fresh start.

This is not a post about my son, but it is a post about my attitude. When I allowed myself to get in the that negative/combative mindset, I lost track of what I was seeking. When I changed my perspective to the positive, the results were what we needed.

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to document a real life example of how the Law of Attraction works in my life. It is so easy to forget that the LOA is constantly at work in your life, understanding how to use it is the most powerful tool at our disposal.