Treatment Resistant Addicts

Traditionally, youthful addicts have been the most treatment resistant. There are many factors that may be the cause of a low success rate: immaturity, feeling immortal, lack of impulse control, ADHD, depression and anxiety are a few. By the time a client gets to us, they have often failed the more traditional attempts at recovery. […]

The 12-Step Dilemma

If you or a family member has sought help for addictive behavior, you more than likely were referred to a 12-Step program. Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Family Doctors and Clergy most often suggest that people dealing with addiction attend the 12-Step program that deals with the particular addiction that is causing issues. Many Judges will […]

Applied Lessons…

There were many times in my life I though about giving up. Events happened that seemed so traumatic that I would not be able to recover. I would continue to focus on these traumas and the losses surrounding those traumas and became a victim of them. I felt like the world was against me and […]

Law of Attraction Put To the Test!

For those who know me personally, you know the background of my son, and for those who do not know us, he has certain issues that he struggles with. Special needs children who receive services for their needs have what is called an IEP, or an Individual Education Plan. This plan requires schools to follow certain guidelines […]

Positive Pain?

Our society spends a great deal of time and energy trying to avoid pain. If you go to any emergency room in our country there is a sign posted that you have a right to have your pain medicated. Pain medication is a huge source of revenue for pharmaceutical companies.  I often hear people discussing pain in […]

September 11, 2001

I am sure most of you will never forget where you were when those bombs disguised as planes flew into The Twin Towers. I was picking up the mail from the Post Office on Anna Maria Island. I was listening to the radio station 98 Rock out of Tampa when I heard one of the morning show […]

Self Pity: A Nasty Drug

Daisy is the name of a dog at the local animal shelter. Daisy had been neglected and left outside, tied to a tree. The rope she was tied to got wrapped around her right front leg, causing a loss of circulation. We saw Daisy on her first day at the shelter and she was very excited when we […]

A new appreciation for OLD!

I am old. I turned 50 this year and logically know this to be true, however, 50 doesn’t feel like I thought it would. I have heard about the aches and pains that come with getting older. The idea that our health declines, or our loss of mental acuity is guaranteed, are the common perspectives of […]

We Are Teaching Our Kids Fear & Limiting Beliefs

Redundant thinking patterns and negative inner dialog often determine the outcome before events take place. While this is not news to me, I am shocked by the amount of fear limiting beliefs that have been passed on to our children. So many kids really believe the limitations their parents have placed on them. While certainly not intentional, this may be one […]

A Call to Action: How The Law of Attraction Works

Understanding how the Law of Attraction works is the greatest gift I have discovered in my life because it changed everything. I often say that how we choose to look at things and what we focus on determines our reality, whether good or bad. A person does not have to believe in the LOA for […]